Pediatric ENT

Ear, nose and throat concerns are among the top reasons children are brought to the doctors.  This is because children are especially sensitive to issues like ear infections and food allergies, and because certain birth defects such as cleft palates must be treated at a young age to prevent complications later on. The best way to treat ENT disorders in children is to bring them to an ENT clinic, where multiple specialists work in close collaboration to care for your child’s well-being.

Common ear, nose and throat issues that affect children are:

  • Tonsil infections
  • Ear infections
  • Dizziness and balance problems
  • Sinus infections
  • Allergies

Pediatric Audiology

Nearly three of every one thousand babies are born with some form of hearing loss. The first two years of a child’s life are hugely important in physical development as well as in forming emotional, learning and communication skills. Because of this, babies with moderate to severe hearing loss are at risk of experience major developmental setbacks.

Our audiologists are experienced in identifying, diagnosing and treating newborn and pediatric hearing loss.

  • Newborn Hearing Loss
  • Pediatric Hearing Loss
  • Newborn Hearing Screening
  • Pediatric Hearing Aids

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